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Hi, my name Is Valery Kirmas and I built this GroovePages website to check - is Groove Funnels platform Gem or Scam?

Valery Kirmas


My name is Valery Kirmas and I have more than 30 years experience in Air Force and aerospace industry, radio engineering, avionics and IT-technology including creating of 7 successful business in IT niches. Last 4 years were connected with high interest to internet/digital marketing as backbone of modern wold. Hope my "old school" reviews and honest opinion on different products and services in this scope of interest will help you to make right decisions and save your money.

✅ GrooveVideo

Turn any video you create into a powerful marketing tool with view automations, lead capture and social sharing to unlock content.

Coming Late July

✅ GrooveMail

GrooveMail is everything you'd expect in a world-class email marketing solution. It will perform both sequence automation and broadcasting, as well as text and voice SMS broadcasting.

Coming Late July 2020

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...And the other thing that's huge guys, is that what we're seeing is a tremendous interaction between a lot of beginners and some seasoned professionals. People built 10, $20 million businesses in sales, and here they are rubbing shoulders helping one another. That is completely unique.


Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

Q. Barry Plaskow:
People asking, "Can I do it?" There's some people that are asking, "I've never had success online before. I've never driven traffic before. I've never made money online before. Can I do this?"

 - Jason Caluori:
My reaction is the same that I've been answering in emails and chats that have been coming in asking that question. Both people that are brand new, or they've tried stuff and it hasn't worked, or they're kind of maybe veteran and they want to jump on these waves that we're showing you how to catch.

Q. Barry Plaskow:
People asking, "Can it be done for e-commerce?"

 - Jason Caluori:
Yep. We've got the member's area right here. We have even e-commerce bonuses right here. This is a email e-commerce bonus, other bonuses. So yeah, it can definitely be done for e-commerce. We've had people ask that, and definitely.

  • Q. Barry Plaskow:
    Jason, people are asking, how do they rub shoulders with you? Those of you want to get close to Jason, and be able to get your questions answered, and get him to critique your websites, and to literally get the value of a high end mastermind, there's a secret sauce of this. What's going on Jason?

 - Jason Caluori:
So after you get SAS, you have the option to join this Facebook group. This is where I'm at every day, at least 30 minutes to an hour, probably more lately, answering questions. We're putting extra templates in here, bonuses. So you can see there's just a lot of...

Q. Barry Plaskow:
People are asking, "Isn't it going to be a saturated market with so many people wanting to join from Groove?" And what they don't realize is the massive, huge potential of Groove in terms of keywords and rank. Perhaps you can explain what that means?

 - Jason Caluori:
So the truth is, is that there's multiple affiliate programs that we're showing you how to promote. And then we're doing that because this is where there's the most activity, and the most money being made the fastest. And then you can apply this to other affiliate programs.

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