My GrooveFunnels Review

I Used Mike Filsaime's New Website & Funnel Builder, Here's My In-Depth Review

Groove Funnels Review

What is Groove Funnels?

Groove Digital is a company that works in boosting the software. According to them, partnerships are essential for any company. The partner they get are closest to them and looks for ways to strengthen their product and partnership.
Groove Funnels is a suite of sales funnels software applications and websites produced by Groove Digital consisting of the GroovePages, landing page builder, GrooveSell shopping cart, GrooveMail email service provider, and other online digital and physical product selling apps.

What can you can get from "FREE lifetime" Groove Funnels Account?

There is simply no platform that suits GrooveFunnels functionality, speed, user-friendliness, and course value. Do this one time, and you will be hooked.
Here is what you can squeeze from FREE Lifetime GrooveFunnels Account which includes 3 apps - GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, limited time only:

◦ Websites and Funnels building with free hosting - up to 3
◦ “Copy-paste” site builder, no coding needed
◦ The world's most strong Affiliate program with 20% commission from start, after paid upgrade - 40%
◦ "Lightning fast" websites loading due to new technology, actually less than 3 sec loading time of any site on the platform
◦ Mobile-friendly and “mobile - first indexing compliant” features that will sky-rank your site on Google very fast
◦ SEO - friendly
◦ Possibility to “copy-paste” any site from internet for using as template or editing
◦ You can start to sell your products immediately through GrooveSell getting payment via PayPal
◦ Up sells, down sells, and bumps in order
◦ Sturdy integrations with mail services
◦ "Thank You" interactive pages
◦ Transaction costs Nil

It's Free Only!

GroovePages Bonus

When you read this review of GroovePages and agree that the app is right for you, there's far more in store for you. You will enter a group of likeminded business owners and obtain all potential integrations and features that are being developed by the Groove Apps team. I'm up-to-date with the changelogs and developer feedback, and this SaaS tool is rapidly evolving.

As an online marketer, I am sure you really want to build quick conversion-friendly websites and sales funnels easy to implement. You have failed in the past because people like "Russel Brunson" make it sound so easy. If you're like most people, you're scared of wasting a lot of time and money (as you were) on obsolete and unreliable technologies like ClickFunnels.

Prices of Groove Funnels

To finance the project and get customer feedback immediately, Mike Filsaime and the team behind GrooveDigital decided to launch it through a Kickstarter campaign (they chose not to run this on Kickstarter but their platform).
If you forget to get benefits if this one-time payment opportunity, then it will switch to $199 a month. More for an annual subscription, but much more than the one-time fee.
If you buy today, you will get an email like the one below that tells you precisely about what you have access to, and what's going on in progress and planned release dates. The rates may seem high now, but if you add up ALL of your other software's monthly subscriptions, I think you'll find that this one-time small outlay will save you thousands in the long run.

Software of Groove Funnels

GroovePages which I covered at the top of the page is an easy-drag and drop interface page builder. Groovepages allow you to build funnels and landing pages in just a couple of minutes. 

GrooveMember is a genius platform for recurring revenue development of membership pages. When you combine GrooveMember and GrooveSell, you can forget about anything else. You'll also have GroovePages to create a fantastic and highly selling sales pages. GrooveVideo would also be useful for building a membership platform.

GrooveSell is a website that allows you to use the GrooveDigital dashboard to sell your digital goods and recruit affiliates. Even the GrooveMarketplace can enable introduced fit and the company skyrockets. GrooveSell comes with several top-line features, and strong Kartra outshines which the GrooveDigital team also creates.

GrooveVideo is a video platform that's simple to use like Wistia, except with GrooveVideo you get full control and very cool configuration and branding features.

GrooveMail is like any other program for email marketing. No need for costly fees or time-consuming setup procedures. GrooveMail makes setting up and maintaining all of your mailing lists and campaigns incredibly easy. It's also relatively easy to move a list.

GrooveKart is an innovative shopping cart with brand new apps. With GrooveKart you can sell physical goods using various sizes and colors, build several categories for different sub-niches. It comes with powerful reporting tools and analytics, shipping apps, product transfer one-click, an integrated help desk and much more.

GrooveDigital team had GrooveKart before. Kartra is still separately available, but GrooveKart is undoubtedly much better and easier to use. Several of GrooveKart's apps include pre-transaction up-sells, pre- and post-checkout related items, shortages, order spikes, and more advanced shopping cart functionality. GroovePay can be incorporated for convenient merchant options, too.

WebinarGroove remains unreleased. I think it would be fair to say that it is going to top WebinarJam, which is one of the older products of Mike Filsaime, is still sponsored.

ReviewTrust may be a robust and cloud-based platform that permits everyone to gather and show real feedback and testimonials by simply pasting one line of code into your website. ReviewTrust automates the whole process for you. It also offers your feedback and testimonials very quickly.

GrooveAcademy is an entire training platform in the GrooveVerse for every single Groove device. All tutorials are tool-based and are available in full HD images.

GroovePay is easy to use and fits easily with all of the Groove Suite. GroovePay uses the retailer account for selling CBDs. This is very self-explanatory. If you don't know these terminologies, then you probably don't need GroovePay.

GrooveKon is pretty much a forum of business owners of a similar mind. I'd say this will be close to the ClickFunnels gathering style where you'll be rewarded for reaching certain monetary thresholds.

Is Groove Page reliable?

In short, GrooveFunnels platform makes it easy to build highly converting SEO-friendly websites and funnels for sales. GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one app suite offered by GrooveDigital that will replace is ClickFunnels or Kartra.

You want this because they will soon become obsolete because of ClickFunnels and Kartra old technologies. You want to make a move to GroovePages at some point anyway, and then you'll pay more for less.


Groove Funnels does a beneficial job that you may not know at first but is it is much quicker than anything. They're just starting out, but this is a no-brainer considering their lightning-fast implementation pace and having a CEO who helped jumpstart ClickFunnels.

Groove Funnels is by the way not for anyone who wants ALL in one solution that now works RIGHT. You'll just be having the Landing Page and Funnel builder along   with GrooveSell at this point. But think of it like that, they are designing this platform as the best funnel building online e-commerce app.

✅ GrooveVideo

Turn any video you create into a powerful marketing tool with view automations, lead capture and social sharing to unlock content.

Coming Late July 2020

✅ GrooveMail

GrooveMail is everything you'd expect in a world-class email marketing solution. It will perform both sequence automation and broadcasting, as well as text and voice SMS broadcasting.

Coming Late July 2020

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Other thing that's huge guys, is that what we're seeing is a tremendous interaction between a lot of beginners and some seasoned professionals. People built 10, $20 million businesses in sales, and here they are rubbing shoulders helping one another. That is completely unique.


Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

Q. Barry Plaskow:
People asking, "Can I do it?" There's some people that are asking, "I've never had success online before. I've never driven traffic before. I've never made money online before. Can I do this?"

 - Jason Caluori:
My reaction is the same that I've been answering in emails and chats that have been coming in asking that question. Both people that are brand new, or they've tried stuff and it hasn't worked, or they're kind of maybe veteran and they want to jump on these waves that we're showing you how to catch.

Q. Barry Plaskow:
People are asking Jason. We've spoken about affiliate marketing. I want to get back to it in just a second, but people asking, "Can it be done for e-commerce?"

 - Jason Caluori:
Yep. We've got the member's area right here. We have even e-commerce bonuses right here. This is a email e-commerce bonus, other bonuses. So yeah, it can definitely be done for e-commerce. We've had people ask that, and definitely.

Q. Barry Plaskow:
Jason, people are asking, how do they rub shoulders with you?  Those of you want to get close to Jason, and be able to get your questions answered, and get him to critique your websites, and to literally get the value of a high end mastermind, there's a secret sauce of this. What's going on Jason?

 - Jason Caluori:
So after you get SAS, you have the option to join this Facebook group. This is where I'm at every day, at least 30 minutes to an hour, probably more lately, answering questions. We're putting extra templates in here, bonuses. So you can see there's just a lot of...

Q. Barry Plaskow:
People are asking, "Isn't it going to be a saturated market with so many people wanting to join from Groove?" And what they don't realize is the massive, huge potential of Groove in terms of keywords and rank. Perhaps you can explain what that means?

 - Jason Caluori:
So the truth is, is that there's multiple affiliate programs that we're showing you how to promote. And then we're doing that because this is where there's the most activity, and the most money being made the fastest. And then you can apply this to other affiliate programs.

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